Listening to radio might sound old school, considering all the live stream options out there. However, it sure is more fun than just punching your favorite band into an algorithm. It’s got that priceless human touch, and that’s what keeps it afloat.

Internet radio stations have it all; from country music, instrumentals, dedicated party stations and so much more. Some of them are subscription-based, while others are free. The only difference between the two is the fact that paid-for radio has no advertisements, while free stations do.

Below is a hand-picked list of the best online radio stations.

KEXP 90.3 FM

KEXP is Seattle’s best public internet radio station. It’s a partnership between the University of Washington and the Paul Allen Experience Music Project. It features the newest music on the planet.

The station is famous for its live studio sessions, great music vibes, and pleasant coffee smells. They also have a beautiful open air space for people to work, hang out and meet with friends or colleagues.

WLTW 106.7 Lite FM

Based out of New York and owned by iHeartMedia, WLTW 106 is an all-round station which plays every genre of music from the ’80s to now.

They have two options; free or subscription-based. The free version lets you follow the prescheduled playlist and start a station, based on the type of music you like. The paid version allows you replay songs, save them to a playlist and more. They also have an app which works like this one; from Unibet.

NSB Radio

Running since 2004, NSB is the best place to get your daily dose of dubstep, dance, house, techno, and related music. This team is based out of London, and broadcasts live every week.

Besides listening to their awesome playlists, you also get free MP3s of past shows, complete with links to iTunes and other media players. You can also request songs, shout outs, and chat with other NSB users.

KEAN 105.1 FM

KEAN is undeniably the best country music station on the internet. It runs directly on a web browser and mobile devices, and they also include links to buy recently played songs.

The only downside of this station is in its system. The music stops immediately when you click away. That means users can’t surf their site to check out upcoming shows or recently played songs while listening to their favorite jams.


If indie music is definitely your kind of thing, SomaFM will blow you away. They have a female DJ who hand-picks all the best indie tracks and lets them play in your browser or media player.

Besides being commercial-free, this online radio station lets you set a sleep timer. They also keep listings of all the artists they’ve played in the past two weeks, plus a link to their tracks on Amazon.


Ever wondered where to get an endless stream of movie soundtracks? If so, you will fall in love with Cinemax.

This station features the best soundtracks from TV shows and movies, and it’s totally free. You can listen directly from a browser or on their Android and iOS apps. Users can also see the film or show the soundtrack is from, and get a purchase link too.

Some of the movies and shows on their playlist include Supernatural, Guardians of the Galaxy, Bicentennial Man, War for the Planet of the Apes, Last Chance Harvey, Call the Midwife and many others.