Radio is a traditional communication medium that has managed to remain relevant in the digital era. Advertising on the radio is a must-have marketing strategy for any company that seeks to increase its returns. If you have not yet tapped into this advertising medium, then do not know the many benefits of radio advertising you are missing out on. Let’s first take a quick look at why you should consider radio for advertising.


On the radio, it is easy to target the audience you want to reach. Different shows have different listeners. For example, if you want to target the working-class audience, you can request for morning hours when people are driving to work or evening hours when people are leaving work for home. You can also request time between favorite youth shows if your product is meant for this audience. Radio stations have statistics showing which group they reach and when hence they can advise you accordingly.

You are not hidden between several pages

One great advantage of radio advertising is that you are always on the front page no matter what time of the day you prefer to run your advert. Thanks to targeting and the fact that radio shows always capture audiences’ attention, every time your advert is playing, audiences are attentive and are likely to get interested. This is especially when your advert is running more than thrice within a targeted time.


There’s nothing more personalizing than a voice that expresses emotions in all aspects of an advert. With radio advertising, you will be able to achieve this and much more. When you pay for in show promotions, the presenter helps you personalize your product, thus driving the point home to every listener’s ear.

The Consistency Advantage

With radio advertising, there is consistency in terms of how often your advert will run and along which hours. This makes it easy for listeners to remember and funny enough, kids can find themselves re-advertising in front of adults without realizing what they are doing.

Reach a Diverse Audience

As much as it is easy to target specific audiences, you can reach an audience that both uses digital ways of listening to the radio, such as phones, tablets and internet broadcasting and also the old who still prefer the stereo that has been around for ages.

CTO is Clear

It is not easy for a listener to miss a Call to Action while listening to an advert on the radio. The advert keeps replaying and always mentions what a potential customer should do to access the service or the product being advertised. It is also easy to communicate promotions and discounts in an exciting manner.

Take Advantage of the Station’s Influence

Radio stations can influence different classes and ages of people or bring on board influencers during popular shows. When your brand is associated with an influencer, there is no doubt that the chances of your sales increasing are very high. Most people trust that a product is of good quality by the fact that it is advertised by someone who is adored by the people. The more you are able to tap into this influence, the better your return on investments will be.

Immediate results

According to proven research, adverts on radio reach people at least two hours to their biggest purchase in a day. This could mean near a purchase location or at times when they are thinking of spending. This means more sales for you when your advert runs at the right time.


Radio advertising comes with joint advantages that exceed both Television and print advertising. Why should you pay more for little to no results if you can spend the same amount and get instant ROIs?